How Can We as Nonprofit Leaders Impact Social Inequity?

The statistics on how people of color are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 are disturbing. What steps can we take to help address those challenges now and into the future?

Addressing Social Inequity

What Can Board Members Do?

As we make difficult decisions about resources, viewing those decisions through an equity lens will move us forward as a society.

Building a Diverse Nonprofit Board

This BoardSource article gives thoughtful questions for boards to ask as they diversify with intention.

What Does Social Inequity Look Like?

This article gives specific statistics regarding the disparity of how COVID-19 is impacting people of color and makes a case for addressing change now.

Where Is Your Organization on the Social Equity Map?

As your nonprofit continues to evolve in this area, Equity in the Center shows you where your organization fits and how you can evolve to the next level.