Nonprofit Mergers, Strategic Alliances, and
Winding Down

Given the current environment, collaborating or thinking about nonprofit mergers offers a way to address resource challenges. The video above by Dennis Kilfeather from the NonProfitConnect board outlines a range of creative ways solve these problems.

Collaboration and Shared Services

CausePlanet considers options for shared services and how to decide whether this option makes sense for you.

Considering Administrative Shared Services

This resource is long but worth it! BoardSource offers a set of resources and questions to consider when developing partnerships.

Extensive Tool to Think Through Strategic Collaboration

No one wants to be in this situation but we know that it is inevitable that we will lose some of our nonprofits with the pandemic and economic downturn. Blue Avocado talks about how to assess whether this is the best option and how to close gracefully.

Closing Your Nonprofit