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Upcoming Programs

Register for our Upcoming Virtual LeadershipConnect Training!

The Session is May 21st from 12:30-2p.m.

Roles and responsibilities of Board Members and Executive Directors can become blurred when there are so many important voices accountable for making decisions for a nonprofit. Thus, challenges such as communication issues, micromanagement, disengagement, and lack of accountability can ensue between the Board and Executive Director or on the Board itself. Let us help you gain clarity and get on the same page regarding your respective roles as Board Members and Executive Directors. Join our very own Executive Director, Allison Howe, for an informative 1.5 hour virtual workshop addressing the nuances of Board roles and responsibilities. Attendees will receive a template of policies for governance developed by local nonprofit leaders for quick implementation in their organizations that is bound to get everyone on the same page!
Audience: New and existing board members, Executive Directors/CEOs, and nonprofit leaders.
Please note: While this program offers valuable insights, it is not a replacement for BoardConnect, our comprehensive six-hour program covering governance, nonprofit financials, fundraising, and legal responsibilities. BoardConnect graduates are encouraged to attend for continued learning and development!

Upcoming Programs

Register for the Upcoming Spring BoardConnect Training!

Our Governance Session is April 17th

BoardConnect training prepares emerging and seasoned business leaders to become effective nonprofit board members in our community. Watch the video above to learn how it can benefit you! Registration for the Spring 2024 BoardConnect training series is open now – click below to see additional details and reserve your spot now!

Recruit a Board Member

Registration is now open for our Summer Meet & Greet Fair!

Contact Allison Howe for more information or register for the Summer Meet and Greet taking place on May 22nd below!

Attend Our New Peer Circle

Join our vibrant and empowering peer circle exclusively designed for BIPOC nonprofit Executive Directors! Connect with fellow leaders who share your unique journey, challenges, and triumphs in the nonprofit sector. Together, we’re fostering a supportive space for growth, mentorship, and collaboration. Break barriers, amplify voices, and lead with purpose. This peer circle is facilitated by Karen Andrade-Mims, CEO of The Father Center of New Jersey.


Not only did the training cover the full range of practical topics that a non-profit leader needs to know, but it also reaffirmed my belief that working in a non-profit is more rewarding and fulfilling than a job in any other sector.

Christine Symington, Leading from Within Grad Cohort '22

I really enjoyed the course and have learnt a great deal. Really appreciate all the effort you have put into the course and look forward to continuing to learn and grow with your guidance.

Sarita Sagar, BoardConnect Grad Winter Cohort '23

The event was so well thought-out and organized— and it seemed to me an especially fabulous crop of candidates. Very impressive folks! Thank you on behalf of Rise — your program has really helped our organization immeasurably.

Marjorie A. Gutman, PhD, Rise Board Vice President

 It was so helpful to hear all the information and to hear from such great speakers. I know it takes a lot of time to put these presentations together, and I just want you to know that they do make a difference and they are appreciated.

Kim Cody, COO James R Halsey Foundation of the Arts, LeadershipConnect Attendee

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Our programming supports the strategic needs of nonprofits including skills-based volunteering, professional development opportunities for executive directors and nonprofit board training. We match individuals with passion and purpose to nonprofit organizations committed to promoting social change.

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