Board Self-Assessment

For nonprofit boards who are looking to evaluate current strengths and areas for improvement, the Board Self-Assessment program offers you an easy, accessible way to build your board’s governance capabilities. Your team will work with NonProfitConnect to personalize our board self-assessment survey. NonProfitConnect will administer the survey and deliver results quickly so that you can act.

Performing a self-assessment annually or bi-annually is considered to be a board best practice. Let NonProfitConnect make it easy!

$500 Initial Self-Assessment

What services you will receive:

  • Access to comprehensive board survey with both self-assessment and full board assessment; completion typically takes 10 minutes
  • Survey updates to reflect specific needs/requests of nonprofit
  • Administration of survey
  • Tracking of how many surveys have been completed to encourage full participation
  • Collation and analysis of findings
  • Summary report of findings

$250 Annual (or Bi-Annual) Re-Assessment

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